Sculptra is a substance that encourages natural skin renewal over the years. As we age, there is an increased activity of aging processes in the body, particularly in the facial skin. The natural moisture in the face decreases, making the facial skin thinner. The aging processes of the skin are typically manifested in wrinkles, sagging face, dryness, loss of skin elasticity, damage to ligaments, and more.

The main cause of these changes, including skin aging, is the decline in natural hyaluronic acid levels and a decrease in collagen and elastin fiber production. Sculptra addresses these issues by targeting the diminished collagen, a protein that naturally occurs in our body and stabilizes various tissues like skin, ligaments, and bones.

About seventy percent of our skin is made up of collagen.

Sculptra, an innovative, FDA-approved substance in the world of aesthetics, contains poly-L-lactic acid that encourages renewed collagen fiber production.
This helps naturally improve the skin’s appearance and health. It also works on other components like elastin, enhancing skin flexibility, and substances that rejuvenate and brighten cells.
Sculptra encourages the body’s natural substance production, nourishing and giving a younger appearance, thus slowing down the skin aging process.

Unlike facial treatments using various acids, Sculptra treatment does not alter the face’s structure or features. Instead, it renews and accentuates their natural traits, leading to more precise and natural results. It is not a filler and does not create volume but encourages the skin to produce natural substances itself.

Although Sculptra injection is primarily used in the facial area, it is applicable in several other body areas:

  • Neck – Sculptra injection in the neck helps cases where the skin sags and wrinkles due to sun exposure, smoking, and aging, leading to skin firming, maintaining its stability, blurring wrinkles, and long-term protection.
  • Hands and Arms – The skin on the palms is relatively thin and affected by prolonged UV radiation exposure, cleaning agents, etc. These damages cause the skin to wrinkle and lose its fresh appearance. Our arms often get damaged during the natural aging process, becoming saggy with a drooping skin appearance. Sculptra injection for filling wrinkles in the palms and arms is highly effective, with a significant advantage of thickening the skin by increasing fiber density, providing a solid appearance over time.
  • Buttocks – Sculptra injection can be used for firming and lifting the skin around the buttock area.
  • Abdomen and Pubic Area – Sculptra injection is possible for treating a saggy abdomen, resulting from significant weight loss or post-childbirth, and for sculpting the pubic area.


Typically, Sculptra treatment involves a process that includes three injections, with a month interval between each. The result is visible after about four months from the first treatment and lasts for about two years.

The Sculptra treatment in our clinic is performed exclusively by Dr. Yitzhak Dano, an expert in plastic surgery, ensuring professionalism and safety in the treatment.

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