Nose surgeries

Nose surgeries - New Information and Innovative Sources in the Medical World The field of medicine has significantly changed and developed in recent years, alongside advancements in technology and medical informatics. One of the areas where dramatic progress can be seen is in the field of rhinoplasty.

Nose surgeries are divided into three types:

surgeries for improving nasal breathing, plastic surgeries, and reconstructive surgeries. In this article, we will review the latest advancements in the field and the new technologies that improve surgery outcomes and ease the process for patients.

Nose surgery is one of the most common surgeries worldwide.

The surgery can be invasive or open, depending on the type of problem and the required correction. Its purpose is to improve the quality of life of patients, solve aesthetic issues, or alleviate breathing problems.

Nose Surgeries for improving nasal breathing include septum surgeries, turbinate surgeries, and surgeries to correct the external structure due to the collapse of one or both nasal walls.

Plastic nose surgeries are usually performed for aesthetic reasons to improve the external appearance of the nose, in bones and cartilage. There are two main approaches to these surgeries – closed and open. The surgeon chooses the preferred approach based on their experience and knowledge of the surgical technique.

Reconstructive surgeries are mostly performed following an injury or after partial resection of the nose due to various types of tumors.

With the development of technology and medical research methods, new methodologies have emerged both for performing surgeries and for monitoring the recovery processes. One of the innovative technologies is medical robotics, which offers precise and minimal control over surgical processes. Advanced robotic systems allow surgeons to perform meticulous operations that reduce risks during surgery and improve final results.

Another advantage of medical robotics technologies is the planning and printing of three-dimensional models in advance. This option allows surgeons to plan the surgery in advance and simulate different operation scenarios on the three-dimensional model before the real-time performance.

In addition to robotics technologies, new methodologies have also developed for monitoring patient recovery after surgery. Medical informatics platforms provide a toolkit for sharing information and communication between doctors, care teams, and patients. These platforms allow doctors to monitor the progress of patients after surgery, view medical information clearly, and plan additional treatment processes according to the individual needs of each patient. This approach makes it easier for patients to receive quality care and treatment and improves recovery outcomes.

Nose surgeries, in fact, provide personalized solutions for nasal and breathing problems. Advanced technology ensures a precise and efficient surgical process, while maintaining patient safety and delivering consistent and impressive results. The combination of a wide range of technologies and medical knowledge provides an efficient response to the needs of nose care and aesthetic improvement.

It is important to note that nose surgeries are medical procedures that require performance by certified doctors in the field. Any decision regarding the procedure requires a preliminary conversation with a certified doctor and a professional and sophisticated assessment of the patient’s medical condition.

Dr. Yitzhak Dano is one of the leading nose surgeons in the country.

He has over 25 years of experience in nose surgeries, with thousands of complex plastic nose surgeries behind him. Dr. Dano has trained specialists in the field of plastic surgery and ENT in plastic nose surgeries in the country and around the world, and provides consultation for complex surgical problems in plastic nose surgeries to doctors in the country and abroad.

The nose surgeries performed in our clinic are done by Dr. Dano himself, with expertise and professionalism.

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